Rebirth of the Great Painter

by Hoorenda

Frida Flammetta is a female painter who stole the hearts of every painting lovers in the world. She’s a painter that even royal families will have to politely ask for her to paint their family or their portraits. But what if, Frida Flammetta who is known for her magnificent paintings died with her limbs been cut off? The death of Frida Flammetta cause a huge disturbance in the world of art. Many were devastated and many were rejoicing like her husband, Lorenzo and her half sister, Vienna. Frida Flammetta who has been reported to be dead returned from the devastating peace they call death. She woke up in the girl’s body named Riyanna Zielle Silveria. What will she do when she returned back from the dead? Will she continue live her life peacefully and forget everything? Or be a vengeful woman who seeks for revenge, justice and blood of people who spoils her like a rotten rat?

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