In A Cage Of Love

by Hoorenda


A free and stubborn lady that doesn’t tie herself to the world of wealthy people and a man tied to the shackles of his family. They met accidentally not just once, twice but thrice. Everytime they met each other the man is in danger, is this a story of a knight woman in shining armor saving our cinderella man? Or a story of rabbits in hurry of hiding their skeletons from each other? Or perhaps a chapter in their life that just played a part from each other’s history?

“ Muse, listen to me. I love you. I need you. I was all alone my whole life but then I already found you. Muse, I can’t lose you. ”

“ Love? That is not love, Clav. That is gratitude, a light you finally have. This, this relationship isn’t made of love. This is a place you made to hide yourself from chains that you can’t break . ”


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