Escort Girls Series #1 Compromised

by Floriza


Alondra Thomas is seductive and appealing. Due to financial constraints, she became an escort girl in the club.  She swallowed fear and regret. She had ended up in that situation because she had placed so much trust in someone when she lost her job.  She is hoping that someone will help her get out of the dirty work she is doing. Until she met someone who changed her life forever.

Leandre Harrison is a kind and handsome billionaire CEO. He was married to his most beloved wife at first, but when he discovered she had cheated on him, their marriage became strained.

When he became her customer one night and came to the point that they were too comfortable with each other but when her father was diagnosed with cancer and she needed a lot of money for her father's surgery instead of borrowing from him, she got him drunk and robbed him. Until he found out that she was the one who stole the money, he was looking for her and planned to put him in jail. Carried by the fear of being imprisoned, she asked for a favor from him that she would do everything to pay what she owed.
Then he agrees but they had to live under one roof. Until she discovered that he is married.

To what extent can they deal with secret love if it is considered forbidden by others?


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