Last Of His Kind



"I need to drink blood in order to survive. But what I am going to do now if I'm the last one? The last one who live in this world with humans?"Yuki lived by himself for so many years without drinking any blood from supposedly his food---the human blood. He thinks that he was the only vampire who live in a human world, until he met Ryouhei. Ryouhei is one of the kind, a famous and a playboy, but he was a human. He tends to do something in order to get Yuki's attention. But one day, Yuki find himself running away from the alley, he witness a human, his blood's all over the floor, like a bloodbath. He was attack---no something's not right. He knows he was the last one, but… who is the vampire who attack that human? And what are they doing here in the human world? They will going to get him or they'll will going to ruin his life by living with the humans?


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