Epitome Of Kindess

by Ryytine


Emery is a princess of the Azure Kingdom who's struggling to be a normal person. Despite being a devil since day one, her love for music has grown bigger. Trying to correct her path, she's trying to reach her dream to become a singer with her sisters who can play instruments. She dreams to sing in front of the people without them judging her. Without them seeing her as an evil princess.

But will her dreams come true? If her fate has already been decided in the upcoming battle against the other kingdom? What will she do if her life has a purpose she doesn't even want? Will she continue to pursue the dream that her heart desires? Or will she let the god who chose her to decide for her?

And what she really is? Who is the real sinner? Who's the victim? Who's the holy one? And who's the judge of them all?


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