Chapter Nine


Maxine’s Point of View



I was in the last queue to buy food to eat, while the five jerks were in the first queue. How lucky of them that the other students who were ahead of them in the queue gave way for them. Reason for them to buy food first. They even treat them like they are the king of the school we are attending. Just wow? I hope someone could treat me just like that.


“What are you doing here at the end of the queue?”

I was startled and looked at the guy who just patted my shoulder.


I glared at Byron, “Of course, I am here because here I must stand.”


“Whatever you say,” he sighed. “What do you want to eat?”


“You don’t have to know. Just order there quickly, there are still students waiting.” I answered.


He shrugged and just went back in front of the line. Later on, they finished ordering and the students started to move. While waiting for my turn, my eyes accidentally went to the five. Byron and Giles are holding their tray. It was full of food, they ate like monsters but they didn’t even gain weight. The other girls and boys might be jealous of them. Of course, I’m not one of them. Tsk, even if I eat a lot of food I couldn’t gain weight but I actually want to gain weight even a little. I’m too skinny. I sigh and look away.


“What are you standing here for?” my heart jumped when Alyn suddenly appeared in front of me and held my wrist. “You are going to eat with us.” and after what he said, he pulled me away from the line-up.


It seems like I have been in line for a while but now I have just found myself eating with these five jerks.


“Eat more, you’re so skinny.” Sid mutters before he opens his mouth and eats his food.


I just rolled my eyes and did not answer. Tsk, why would I respond? He just wanted to pissed me off. Well, I am totally pissed off right now, so he doesn’t have to work for it. Who would not be pissed off? They just turn the students’ attention to me again.

Surely, there are those who curse me and swear at me in their minds now. Maybe someone is killing me in their head as well. Even if I tell them I’m not interested in these guys, they won’t believe me. And if I ever argue with them, I’ll just waste my saliva, so it’s up to them to die of jealousy. Tch.


“Don’t be picky.” Louis got my attention when he spoked. “Eat veggies.” He commanded.


“I don’t want to. Hmp!” My stubbornness of what he said.


Who are they to tell me what I should eat and should not? Hmp! Are they now my fathers? I could take good care of myself. Only I can decide for myself what I should not eat. They had to shed blood first before I could follow what they said.


“That explains why you are not gaining any weight,” Alyn commented while slicing the meat in his plate. “And don’t get taller either.” He continued.


I put down my spoon and fork before I pointed at him, “You! Did I order you to speak? And no one cares about your opinion so shut up, okay?”

He ate the meat that he sliced before he looked at me, “Ugly.” He exclaimed and resumed eating.

I gritted my teeth and stood up. Gosh, I don’t want to eat anymore! And I don’t want to be with them even in the future! Even the first time I met these five I really hated them. And as if my blood was boiling just by looking at them, so what more when they were pissing and teasing me? I just don’t really know why the girls inside of this school are all over them. Can’t they just open their eyes widely so they could see how ugly these five monkeys are? Or are their eyes just blurry? Or it might be that they are absolutely blind? Hmm, what a pity then. They are worshipping the ugly monkeys that they couldn’t see.


“Where are you going?” Byron held my hand over the table and looked up to see my face. “You are not done eating yet.” Then he looked down at my plate.


“You must finish your food, or else GH will be mad,” Giles informed. “You don’t know how GH was so worried when you got sick.”


My brows arch, “And who’s fault was that?”


For their knowledge, they are the reason why I got sick! So, they don’t have the right to be threatened and make me feel guilty for not consuming my food.


Louis, heaved a sigh. “Calm your head down and eat.”


I shifted my gaze, “I already lost my appetite. I’m leaving.” I did not wait for their response and just walked away when I finished talking.


Damn, I will try not to run into them at school and will try to avoid crossing paths with them as much as possible. I don’t want to become more involved with them and draw a lot of attention to myself. To avoid trouble, I’ll simply lock myself in the room whenever we’re in the mansion. Oh my goodness, it’s me! I’ll make accommodations for them!


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