Chapter Eight


Maxine’s Point of Viewc


As I entered the room their eyes went to me. I just ignored them and walked towards my chair. GH transferred me to where those jerks go. GH also said that he will find a way for my school requirements, as for me, I just need to go to school everyday.


The class started, I just sat quietly and listened to the discussions.  After the third subject the lunch break came. I stood up and before I even went out of the classroom, there were three girls blocking my way.


My brows furrowed, “Excuse me? Do you need something?”


The girl on the right side smirked, “Wow, got a lot of energy?”


Really? What did I do wrong? Did I do something to them? C’mon, I was being a good girl here for GH. To be honest, I don’t know anyone from this room even though it’s been a while since I transferred. GH just informed me that he entered me in school where the jerks are coming so that there will be someone who could look out for me . My goodness, don’t they ruin my ‘good girl’ act here.


The girl on the left sighed, “Don’t start it, Xianna.”


I think she was talking to the girl from the right.


“Whatever,” Xianna rolled her eyes.


I looked at the girl in the middle. She was also looking at me so that our eyes met. We stared at each other and it lasted for a few minutes until she herself avoided my eyes.


“Let’s go, girls.” she commanded before turning away.


Heh~ what was that? Don’t tell me she gets scared while making eye contact with me? I shook my head. No, maybe she has her reason? Then, what could it be?

I just ignored the thought of it and just walked out in the classroom. While walking in the hallway, I saw a group of students near the cafeteria.  What are they looking at there? Something interesting? Should I take a look? Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at the group of students I was looking for since that is also where I am going.


As I approached the group I could already hear the squeals of a few students. I was even more curious than I was earlier, so I quickly walked closer and when I got closer I immediately looked for a hole to intrude on the crowd to see what they were up to.


My jaw dropped as I knew the reason why there was a group of students. Why is it crowded here? And why the students were thrilled.


“You gotta be kidding me,” I said to myself while shaking my head. My eyes widened when Sid’s eyes darted on me.


He let out a big smile and waved his hand. “Missy!”


And now I got the people’s attention. I looked around and saw that they were glaring at me. Argh! Is this Sid’s way to get back at me? I closed my eyes. I will count 1 to 3 then I will run away. I nodded to myself and took a deep breath before opening my eyes. My eyes widened and my heart jumped as I opened my eyes. The five of them were already in front of me. How could I run away now?!


I once again looked at the crowd, they were all glaring at me! Ghad, this is not good.


“I’m hungry, step aside.” I utter.


“Yanny, are you okay now? Not sick?” Giles patted my head.


Really? They act like a nice guy but deep inside they really want to mess up with me! How could I stand these students? I don’t even know how many of them are mad at me now.


I tapped Gile’s hand, “I’m okay, you don’t have to worry.” I said coldly.

“Since, Tardy is hungry…” Byron walked beside me and placed his arm over my shoulder. “Let’s eat together.”



I elbowed him, “Let go of my shoulder. Do you want to die?” I whispered.


He chuckled, “Woah! Tardy is so sweet! She asked me if I wanted to die with her.”


I gritted my teeth and glared at him. That wasn’t the one I asked him! Argh, these guys! They are really messing with me.


“Let’s go eat already if you’re hungry.” Louis uttered. “Wendy’s was not yet okay. GH asked us to look after her.”


Woah, Louis is such a nice guy. What did he eat today?


Byron removed his hand over my shoulder and raised it in the air, “Fine. Fine. Let’s go.”


They started to walk but my feet stayed on the ground. Why would I eat with them? I can eat by myself. Duh? I am not a child anymore, you know? I can take care of myself.


Alyn stopped and turned his head. “Aren’t you coming?”



I shifted my gaze, “No. I can eat on my own.”



“We didn’t say that we will feed you.” He replied quickly.


I looked at him, “I want to eat alone.” I said,


“Do what you want.” he inserted both of his hands inside his pants’ pocket. “Just come home alive.” and then he looked around before turning away.


I slowly look around. My gosh! I almost forgot that I am the centre of attraction now. Aish! This can’t be helped, I don’t have a choice but to eat with them otherwise these students will get rid of me.


I sighed before I followed the boys.


Sigh, I hope this will not happen again in the future. I want to live peacefully, no hindrances just living.


The line is long but when those five idiots lined up, the people just gave way for those five. Just wow? What do they think of those five? A prince? Their masters? Why would they give up on their line just to give way for those five? Sigh, what a bubblehead.

“What are you doing here at the end of the queue?”





I was startled and looked at the guy who just patted my shoulder.


I glared at Byron, “Of course, I am here because here I must stand.”


“Whatever you say,” he sighed. “What do you want to eat?”


“You don’t have to know. Just order there quickly, there are still students waiting.” I answered.


He shrugged and just went back in front of the line. Later on, they finished ordering and the students started to move. While waiting for my turn, my eyes accidentally went to the five. Byron and Giles are holding their tray. It was full of food, they ate like a monster but they didn’t even gain weight. The other girls and boys might be jealous of them. Of course, I’m not one of them. Tsk, even if I eat a lot of food I couldn’t gain weight but I actually want to gain weight even a little. I’m too skinny. I sigh and look away.


“What are you standing here for?” my heart jumped when Alyn suddenly appeared in front of me and held my wrist. “You are going to eat with us.” and after what he said, he pulled me away from the line-up.


It seems like I’ve been in line for a while but now I have just found myself eating with five.




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