Chapter Seven


Maxine’s Point of View


I suddenly woke up from what I was dreaming. Ghad, what is that for? Is that really a dream or a nightmare? What do I have to do to see Alyn in my dream?! And worst of all, we kissed! And he said he likes me and I like him too. My goodness! This is insane! We never talked nor sent ‘hi’ to each other. So, what was really my dream for?


I sit, and there! I see Alyn with his cousins, they are watching me. Wait, I think I saw this image before. Is it.. Is it the same as my dream?


“You’re awake.” Louise said.


“Of course, I am.” I answered quickly.


“How’s your feel?” Byron asked so I switched my gaze to him.


“I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.” I replied. “You guys, what are you doing here?”


“Can’t you see?” Alyn answered. “We’re sitting.”


I rolled my eyes and I ignored him. Who do he think he is? I’m asking him well, and he’ll answer that way? Unmannerly!


In the back of my head, I am cursing him.


“Do you want soup?” Sid asked. I quickly shake my head.


Even if I want to, I have to say no. What if my dream became real? That will be hard, I don’t want to kiss him. And I hate to admit that he said he likes me and I said, I liked him too! Argh! I just can’t but to feel idiotic every time I remembered that. Even the kisses! Ugh! I hate myself for giving up my first kiss to him, in my dream.


“Am I the only one, or does she have a dark aura over her body?” Giles whispered.


I don’t know if he really whispered that, or if he really wanted me to hear that.


“Oh, that’s what I noticed.” Byron whispered too, but I heard it.

“STOP MURMURING! I CAN HEAR YOU BOTH!” I shouted from the back of my lungs.


Gosh, I just woke up and this mess greeted me first? Should I go back to where I belong? Arg.





They stopped murmuring right after I shouted. They looked like a puppy, of course except for Alyn who was sitting back there like a boss.



What are you really doing here in my room? As far as I remember, I was outside last night.” I asked them.


They looked at with each other (except Alyn who closed his fucking eyes) before Louise give a sign to Giles by nodding.


Giles looked at me. “Alyn saw you outside. He saw you passed out, so he brought you here.”


My lips curved an ‘O’ when I heard that. I remember my dream, that was in my dream!


So, he really is the one who carries me upstairs. As far as I remember, last night it was raining and I fell asleep, so I slept even though it’s cold. But I didn’t sense that he was carrying me and brought me back to my room.


Are they concerned to me that’s why they are here?


“Ah, okay.” I replied. “Y’all can go now.” I said without looking at them.


“Aren’t you gonna say thank you to Alyn?” Louise asked.


“Yeah, he carries you even if you destroy his thing.” Byron said.


“You should thank him.” Giles also wanted me to thank his great cousin.


“If he wasn’t there–” I cutted Sid.


“Fine!” I looked at the four then gave my gaze to Alyn who’s now looking at me. “Thank you.”


No one spoke after hearing me so I raised my eyebrow.


“What are you waiting for? I already do my job. You can now all leave.”


They take a deep breath before standing up and walk towards the door. Alyn didn’t let go of his gaze on me until he reached the door. He stopped and remained standing there while he gave me a cold gaze.  I gave him a ‘what-look’ and ‘Do-you-forget-something?’ look. He didn’t answer and immediately got out of the room.

I was relieved when they’re all gone from my sight.





Ugh! How can I face him again?! I’m such a fool! I hope that GH will come back soon. I missed him, and he’s my only ally here. All of them are my enemy, especially Alyn, of course.


I took a bath before going to the kitchen. I suddenly felt that I was hungry. I’m human too, so I get hungry.


I was continuously walking when I didn’t notice the five idiots in the living room. And thankfully, they weren’t in the kitchen either.


Hmm, what’s wrong? I feel like I was alone here. Where are they?


Well, that’s not important now. The good thing is there’s no one who can pester me while I’m eating and I can live peacefully for an hour until they come back.


I was drinking water when I remembered something.


“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.


I have a class today! Arg, why didn’t they tell me? Huhu I’m such a mess! I’m an idiot! Why do I have to forget about the school schedule? Is this the reason why they aren’t here today? Is this why I am left alone?! Waaa my life!


I rushed to my room and put on my school uniform. Good thing, I already took a bath because if not I will be a dog food.


I rushed to the parking lot but there’s no cars in there. Ugh! Unfaithful! I went to the gate and opened it. I’ll take a cab. I hope I’m not late, because if I do, I’ll drop my subject and GH will send me home. I don’t want that to happen so I have to remain on top.


I was about to burst when I heard an engine.


I walked towards the cab and got in. Not too long after my ride, the driver reached the destination.


“Thank goodness the teachers have a meeting.” I whisper from myself after hearing my classmates.



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