Chapter Six


Maxine’s Point of View


“Ugh, my head hurts!” I held my head as I sat from laying on the bed.


What happened? Why am I sleeping here? As I know I slept in the garden. What actually happened? Arg, plus a headache.


“Are you alright?” I heard someone ask in a man’s voice so I raised my head.


“What happened?” I asked as I saw the man who’s asking me earlier.


“You’ve got a cold.” he answered and handed me a soup.


I’ve got a cold? How? I can’t remember.


I get the soup and start to eat. I looked around and I realised that we’re not the only people here — there’s Byron, Sid, Giles and Alyn. They are all looking at me but of course except for Alyn psh what did you expect about that man? He’s a cold hearted man.


“T-thanks” gosh why am I stuttering?


I put the bowl on the side table as I finished eating. I glance at Louis who is sitting beside me — his eyes look so concerned. Am I hallucinating? Or am I assuming?


I look back at those four who sit on the sofa in front of me. No one is speaking, my eyes caught Alyn and he is now looking at me emotionless. I rolled my eyes on him and lay down again. I have nothing to say so I must sleep again.


“Uh- Maxine” Sid called so I looked at him but I didn’t bother to ask ‘why?’.


“Alyn brought you here when he found you unconscious” He continued.


I heard it right? I didn’t misheard, right? Or am I asleep already and this is my dream? Dang, this is no fun. I would rather believe, if I heard Sid that Louis brought me here and saw me unconscious than to hear that Alyn is the one who saw me and carried me.


I didn’t speak, I just looked at Alyn who is now wearing his smirk. See? It is unbelievable, he hates me and on the other hand, I destroy his girlfriend’s picture.


“Surprised?” Alyn asked without removing his smirk engraved in his face.

Arg, how I hate this man. He looks like a monkey whenever he is smirking. How I wish that I could stand here and stab him right now and I don’t care even if his cousins saw.


“I know that you have a crush on me so why am I going to be surprised?” I sat and raised one eyebrow while looking at him.


Honestly, I’m a little surprised because I didn’t expect that he could do such things even though he’s mad at me and hates me. But of course I did not show him that I was surprised.


I saw his forehead twitch but it also changed quickly and a devilish smile engraved on his face.


He walked towards me and he leaned against me at the head of the bed. His face was so close to me now. Fuck. I feel that sudden electricity creeping all over my body, my heart- beats so fast. Damn, what is this feeling am I feeling right now?


“What did you say? I like you?” I can now smell and feel and breathe. He moved closer again, our nose was touching each other now.


Damn, my heart beat is even faster than a while ago.


“N-no” damn. I’m stuttering.


I tried to look at those four and they looked shocked and couldn’t even move. Gosh.


“No? Really?” He is now looking at my lips that’s why I also put my eyes down on his lips.


Damn. It’s so pretty. It’s seducing me.. His red lips are seducing me!


“I-I was j-joking a-a-w-while ago” dang! I can’t even say a whole word.


“Are you joking?” his devilish smile got even bigger.


“Y-ye–” before my words finished, I already felt his soft lips.


My heart.. My heart beats faster and faster, there’s also something on my tummy that I didn’t know – it seems like they are so happy with what is happening right now.

My eyes were still open due to being shocked.


I should push him right now but why can’t I move my hand to push him and slap him?


He grabbed my waist and pushed me onto him and I suddenly felt his lips moving.. His kisses are intoxicating, it feels like he wants me to kiss him back. I can’t move my body, damn.


I couldn’t control myself anymore. I closed my eyes, grabbed his nape and kissed him back. But before I closed my eyes, I saw the four idiots watching us like they were watching a love story.


I felt his lips – smirk but I didn’t mind it. We continue our kissing like nobody but the two of us here.


He gripped my waist even more tightly and I pressed his nape even more to deepen the kiss.


Fuck, he is so damn good kisser.


My heart didn’t stop beating faster and faster, and the butterflies in my tummy were getting more excited.


We heard the loud closing of the door. He stopped kissing me and we looked at the door together.


I looked at the sofa and I saw nothing there, it must be the four who closed the door. Ghad! I need to stand up and leave now before this monster eats me.


I was about to go down in bed when I suddenly felt his lips again, damn it.


“Where do you think you are going honey?” he asked before grabbing my waist and kissing my lips again.


He laid me down.. He’s on my top now. Fuck. This is wrong! I want to push him but his kisses are too strong to ignore. I pull him closer to me and for the second time I feel his lips carved a smirk again.


He stopped and looked at me.


“I like you…” he said before kissing me again.


‘I like you too’ my mind answered before kissing him back and the last thing I knew, we were now in bed together.



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