Chapter Five


Maxine’s Point of View


Wooh! After running, I found myself here in the garden hiding at the back of this huge tree. I hope they can’t find me here, ghad I’m tired and I’m sweating to death. How long should I hide myself here? *sigh I think, I should have to sleep here tonight or else I would be a dead meat! Gosh I remember the glaze of Alyn, he is freaking scary!


“Ugly, come out” oh my gosh, the demon is here! I should be quiet and hold my breath. I put my hands in my lips to not cause any sound because if he heard my breath, oh ghad I will meet the light early.


“Missy, we were counting from 1 to 3 and if you don’t show up.. You will sleep outside the Mansion tonight.” oh what should I do?


“1…” should I show myself so that I can sleep in the soft bed?


“2…” no! That’s only a bait, they will kill me once they see me.


“3…” I didn’t show up.


“Okay, enjoy the weather here.” I heard from Sid and the next thing I heard was their footsteps.


“I heard on the news that it will rain later.” said Byron in a low tone, I think they are far from me now.


Wait, did I hear that? I didn’t misheard, right? It will rain! Huwa! I’d escape from those evil creatures but I would be sick because of the goddamn rain! What is this life for?



Alyn’s Point of View


We can’t find that girl so we get home and sit on the sofa. Byron holding the fake cockroaches inside the plastic bag, Giles holding his ten earphones cut in the middle, Sid holding his favourite basketball – ball, and Louis holding his T-shirts cut like a homeless shirt and while me, I’m holding this Sadako drawing that I saw earlier when I get up to look for the ugly girl, and the second one is the picture frame of my beloved ex girlfriend, the last is the bucket that full of water a while ago.

“I hate cockroaches!” Byron shouted and then put the fake cockroaches in the trash can.


“Goodbye my earphones.” said Giles with teary eyes and then threw his ten earphones inside the trash can. He maybe loves music so much that he made a collection of earphones and headphones.


“Huwa! Goodbye baby pure.” Sid said and wiped his tears before he threw his pale ball in the trash can. That’s only a ball, why did he cry? He can buy another one and sign it with his Idol again, psh. Easy.


“Goodbye my T-shirts.” Louis said then put his shirts in the trash can. After doing that, they all together look at me like they are expecting me to throw something.


“You don’t want to throw that away?” Sid asked while pointing to Elaine’s picture and the drawing of sadako.


“Are you an idiot? Why should he throw away Elaine’s picture?” Louis said and they looked at each other.


“I will take my revenge on that girl using this Sadako and about Elaine’s picture, I will keep it.” I said before I turned back to the sofa and turned on the TV and the sudden rain drops outside caught my attention.


The girl is not coming back yet, fuck. It’s raining, where is she now? What if she got a cold because of staying outside? We will be dead to GH if it happens!


“It’s raining.” Byron said while looking outside the window. Didn’t he say that he heard the news about the weather?


“Why do you look so shocked, you were the one who said it will rain.” Sid walks toward Byron and taps his shoulder.


“Ah- that I’m just joking a while ago, I just wanted to scare that girl.” said Byron and faked a smile, I just made a poker face before standing up.


“We have to find that girl, I’m sure she’s still outside.” I get the umbrella and start walking and before I finally step the last part of the stairs, I heard the four talk.


“I’ll go to the back house.” Giles volunteered.

“I’ll go with you.” Louis uttered.


“I’ll go to the pool area.” Sid said confidently.


“I’ll go with you hehe I’m afraid I will suddenly meet cockroaches in my way.” Byron mutters like a child.


“Can you grow up?” Sid said before started to walk away.


“By the way Alyn, where do you plan to search?” Byron stopped to walk and faced me.


“In the garden.” I answered shortly and started to walk to the direction of the garden.


Okay, where’s that girl now?




(After 30 minutes)


“Argh, we can’t find her!” Sid & Byron said together.


“Neither do we.” Giles, uttered.


They are wet due to the heavy rain, the umbrella is useless because the wind is too strong. They just came while I’ve been here for a while.


“How about you, Alyn?” Louis asked.


“She’s upstairs.” I answered while still not looking at them.


“Aish, why didn’t you tell us? Is she alright?” Louis asked again, it looks like he cares a lot about that girl ha. Psh.


“Look for her if you are curious and don’t ask me so many questions.” I answered, then stood up and headed to the kitchen.


If he’s curious, why not check the girl and try to stop asking me. They’re so annoying. Ugh, I just wanna rest already. That girl gave me a headache.


I sighed before I turned away. Maybe I should just really go back to my room and get some rest. For me, this day was long enough for me to feel tired. Tsk.



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