Chapter Four


Maxine’s Point of View


I get home early to start my revenge, eherm! Excuse me, I’m good at this so I’m sure they will love it. I bought fake cockroaches a while ago for Bryon cause I know that he’s afraid of cockroaches. I look at the plastic bag full of fake cock roaches and laugh as loud as I can.


“BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” I ran to Byron’s room and put the fake cockroaches in his bed. Once he opens the door he will notice a bunch of cockroaches in his bed because his bed is beside the switch light.


As for Giles I will cut his earphones! You know, he really loves music so he had collections of different earphones and headphones and he displayed them above his bed. So to reach the earphones, I need to climb in his bed first. I hold my scissors and get one box  then I open it and tadah! I will cut it! Okay, next box…


Hoho! I finished cutting the ten of his favourite earphones so we will go to the next target. Hmm, let us choose Sid! He loves to play video games and collects CD’s so for him, we will also cut his favourite CD’s!! BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA. Ah wait, he also likes playing basketball, oh I forgot he’s a varsity player at our school! *evil smile.


I run to the kitchen and get a knife that I know can destroy Sid’s favourite ball – I choose the sharpest knife. I know what his favourite ball is because he always carries it around the house and dribbles it like he was in the basketball court and in addition, the ball has a signature of his NBA idol.


As I get the knife, I turn back to Sid’s room. I look around to find his ball – – –


“Aha! Found ya!”


I step forward to the ball’s place and stab it three times! And look how it looks now. So let’s go to the next target, hmm.. Let’s choose Louis! I ran to Louis’ room and I found his shirt on the ground! What a dirty room. Hmm, what should I do with this guy? Aha! Where’s my scissor?

I patted my skirt and I found my beautiful scissor with the design of hello kitty! I love Hello Kitty so you don’t have to care about it. I get his t-shirts which are in the ground and cut it all! I copied the shirts of homeless people haha. That’s what I did in Louis’s shirts. Hmp! You deserve that, you don’t know how to clean your room and put your shirts in proper places. That’s your lesson.


I step outside and close his door.


“Okay who’s next?” First target is Byron, the next one is Giles, done with Sid and Louis too… So, we have only one target and that is Alyn Crawford. Save the best  for last . *insert, evil laugh.


I went to the bathroom because he always came here first after school so I planned that I would put water above the door that would make him wet once he opened it. Next I go to his room and draw a face of Sadako and stick to his window, he will see it once he switches the lights on. Hmm, what more?


I saw a picture of a girl beside his bed. I walked toward her and looked at the girl’s face.


“Is she his girlfriend?” if it’s his girlfriend, why didn’t I see this girl once? But it’s not important now, I have an idea.


I get my marker that I used to sketch Sadako’s face earlier, and I get the picture frame and draw something on the girl’s face. I drew a horn on her head, vampire teeth and eyeliner. BWAHAHAHAHAHA so funny. I’m done!


What time is it?


I look at my wrist watch to know what the time is, and it’s already 5:45! The end of the class is 6. Omg I need to clean up myself but I shouldn’t go to the bathroom because I have a prank for Alyn there. Okay, I will go to my room and change my uniform. I forgot to change earlier because I’m too excited to take my revenge. Whahahaha! And now, I’m excited to see their reaction.

After changing clothes – time checked! 6 pm.




*ding dong


I quickly ran to the gate and opened it with a big smile. They looked shocked when they saw me smiling, hoho! You don’t have to be shocked bastards. I have my surprised.


“Come in!” I greeted them but they didn’t respond so I closed the door as they came in and followed them.


I saw them go to their respective rooms except Alyn because he went to the bathroom, and as expected…


“AAAHHHHHH!!” they screamed in unison.


“BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” I laughed like there’s no tomorrow just to tease them more.


“Missy!!” – Sid


“Wendy!!” – Louis


“Yanny!!” – Giles


“Tardy!!” – Byron


“Ugly!!” – Alyn


They shouted together but they called me by different names. I ignored their shout and continue to laugh but when I realised the dark aura in the house, I look up in the second floor then there I saw the four glaring at me, I look to the part of the bathroom and I saw the wet Alyn outside and glaring at me wearing his death glare!


O-oh time to back off…










“You will be dead meat!!” they shouted in unison.




Wooh! After running, I found myself here in the garden hiding at the back of this huge tree. I hope they couldn’t find me here, gosh I’m tired and I’m sweating to death. How long should I hide myself here? *sigh I think, I should have to sleep here tonight or else I would be a dead meat! Gosh I remember the glaze of Alyn, he is freaking scary!



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