Chapter Three


Maxine’s Point of View


I was in front of this big mirror where I could see my whole body. I was wearing the uniform of Calteron Academy, 1 month has passed and GH called the five jerks to enrol me in their campus so here I am looking at my whole body in a mirror to see if the uniform fits my sexy body.


Knock, knock, knock!


I opened the door as I heard someone knocking behind it. As I opened it, Byron showed up with his boring face. Okay, what’s with that face? Am I getting slow again?


“Can you hurry up? We are going to be late!” I nodded and got my bag. Hehe so I was right. As we got down to the first floor, I saw the remaining four waiting for us. So as expected, I am the one who is late again of our six.


“You’re so slow, we’re always late because of you.” Sid complains. Tch, duh I’m a girl of course I will be slow. I rolled my eyes at them and started walking and hopped in the car. Not long after, they followed and what I’ve done, they got in.


I’m sitting in the passenger seat while the others are in the back. And to tell you, after I enrolled in Carleton Academy I discovered that these five monkeys are popular in that school. So for me to not get involved with them, I’m not eating with them every lunch break. I’m not going home with them either, also not going to school with them. Well, we’re in the same car every time we go to school but I always tell the driver to drop me in the fast food near the school then I’ll walk by myself to enter the school. I have no complaints received, all five agreed for what I wanted to happen.

1 month ago, when my first day started at Carleton Academy. The first student who approached me was my seatmate, Angela Federal and I discovered that he likes Sid so much. She didn’t know that I lived with those five jerks because I didn’t tell her and I must not tell her. It is a big problem if the whole student in this campus knows about the matter between me and their idols – living under one roof.


“Maxine!” I saw Angela in front of the gate so I ran to reach her. I wore a big smile and waved my hand.


“Let’s go, we are going to be late.” I nodded and we started to walk. She always waits for me at the gate and calls my name every time she sees me.




Three hours passed, and I’m in the cafeteria with Angela buying food to eat. When we’re done falling in line and bought food for us, we started to find a seat where we could eat. But unluckily, the only seat that is available is beside the five jerks.


“Omg! let’s sit there.” Angela walked faster and sat beside the table of those five.


Arg, why am I so unlucky? I followed Angela and sat in front of her. I didn’t glance at the five as I sat and I started to eat faster so that we can leave immediately but this girl, arg she’s glancing to the direction of those five!


“Hey!” I tap the table. She looked at me with the eyes asking “why?”


“Start to eat your food.” I said and continued eating. I saw her pout before starting to eat her food. Good girl, you should always listen to me! Ahehe.


“Is that Missy?” I heard from the next table.


“Oh, I guess so?” They are talking about me! Eat faster Maxine and then leave! Huwaaa they noticed my presence.


“Call her to assure.” I heard Alyn commanding the four idiots.


“That’s right.” Giles agreed.


“Wend–” before Louis finished, I stood up and started to walk. I leave Angela there, so Angela I have to leave first.

“Hey, Wendy!” – Louis shouted as if I’m just his nanny.


“Missy!” – Sid, called with a baby tone.


“Yanny!” – Giles shouted while waving his hands.


“Tardy!” – Byron, called with his manly voice.


I heard their voices – calling me but I didn’t look back. Arg, didn’t I tell them to not talk to me and ignore me when we’re inside of school?! Arg those bastards they tryna ruin my high school life. And why are they calling me with different names?! I have only one name, and that is Maxine! Maxine Wards! Where do they find such names, Wendy, Tardy, Missy, and Yanny? And those names they’re calling me always end with the letter ‘Y’.


They always give me a headache, ever since the day I lived with them. They’re so naughty! And that Alyn Crawford, I know he is in the back of this. He planned this! He is the one who ordered the four to call me, g r r. I hate that man! I hate him. Does he want revenge on me for always being late? What a lame revenge, I will show them what a good revenge is. BWAHAHAHAHA wait and see!




I get home early to start my revenge, eherm! Excuse me, I’m good at this so I’m sure they will love it. I bought fake cock roaches a while ago for Bryon cause I know that he’s afraid of cockroaches. I look at the plastic bag full of fake cock roaches and laugh as loud as I can.


“BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” I ran to Byron’s room and put the fake cockroaches in his bed. Once he opens the door he will notice a bunch of cockroaches in his bed because his bed is beside the switch light.


As for Giles I will cut his earphones! You know, he really loves music so he had collections of different earphones and headphones and he displayed them above his bed. So to reach the earphones, I need to climb in his bed first. I hold my scissors and get one box  then I open it and tadah! I will cut it! Okay, next box…




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