Chapter Two


Maxine’s Point of View


“Ouch my head…” I whispered to myself while holding my head.


I opened my eyes and looked around at the room where I was in. My eyes widened when I didn’t recognize this room. I’m not familiar with this room. Where am I? Whose house am I? I have to get up even if my head hurts and leave this house as long as I can and run as fast as I can. What if some bad guys brought me here?


Before I can hold the doorknob, someone opens the door. I was shocked when I saw a guy with messy hair in front of me, he is not alone! He had 4 companions on his back. Omg where am I? Did they kidnap me? Are they kidnappers?! Oh I remember that I fell last night and also I lost consciousness last night when I was about to find a shelter.. Did they– my hands automatically cover my mouth. They kidnapped me! I need to escape but I can’t move huhu I’m scared to death what if they suddenly stab me? Huhu.


“You are awake,” the guy in front of me said while wearing a smile that made his dimples out.

Did they raped me? Please tell me that they did not! I’m only eighteen years old for Pete’s sake! I don’t want to lose my virginity because of rape. Damn.


“Who are you?! Did you all kidnap me!? Let me go!” they all sighed when they heard what I said. What? What’s wrong? Am I wrong? Are they good guys, they tryna help me?


“You are not worth kidnapping for.” said the guy on the left who has an earring in his left ear. What did he say?!


“Yeah, you don’t even have boobs.” the guy who was beside the guy who was talking just a minute ago.

They are looking at my boobs! Omg. I covered it with my arms so that they couldn’t see it.


“Pervert!” I shouted.


“What’s the matter here?” I heard someone ask but I didn’t see who it was. Later on someone arrived- an old man? He is wearing formal attire.


“Oh you are awake” I didn’t respond, I just glared at him. He seems kind unlike these five guys. Psh. He smiled at me before speaking again.


“I’m Harold but you can call me GH for short, I took you here 4 days ago since you lost consciousness. And these are my grandsons.” He turned his head to see his ‘grandsons’.


He took me 4 days ago? It means I have been lying on that bed?! Omg, what happened to me? I look at these five guys, so these are his grandsons? K. I don’t care even if these five helped me recover, they still insult me not just me as well as my boobs! Why do they care if I don’t have big boobs? Arg! Perverts I will slide their necks.


“This is Louis Howard.” pointing to the guy who had diamond earrings.


“This is Byron Wagner.” the tallest of them.


“This is Giles Christophe.” the guy wearing earphones. Oh I think he loves music as much as me. Hehe.


“This is Sid Granger.” the guy in front of me who had deep dimples.


“And last, Alyn Crawford.” pointing to the guy with– err dark aura.


“Hi miss, what’s your name?” The guy who’s named Byron Wagner approached me for a hand shake. Aherm.


“Maxine, Maxine Wards.” I held his hand and smiled.


So I was wrong, I misinterpreted these guys. I think they are good guys, well I wish except for the guy who had a dark aura. I don’t want to look at him, he is so scary! What is his name again? Ah! Alyn! Alyn Crawford. Ahm it sounds a little bit girly but it’s alright. You know he is handsome and more handsome than the rest but he’s too scary to approach err so I must approach these four rather than to approach him. His glare makes you wanna quit talking, he is something. I will keep my distance from him. I don’t want to die this early.

“I have a business in Canada, y’all assigned to take care of Maxine.” GH said, he didn’t wait for the answers of these five, he left as he finished talking.


“Why did you run away?” we’re in the living room, watching cartoons and Sid suddenly spoke.


“It’s a family matter, you don’t have to know.” I rolled my eyes.


“You are living with us, we have to know.” Byron said. Okay. Okay. Fine they win I will tell you.


“I heard that I was adopted when I was 3 years old. They hid the truth from me and they treat me as their pet, not their daughter. So after hearing that, I decided to run away and wouldn’t go back.” I said with a sad tone I didn’t look at them. I don’t want to see their reactions. I don’t want them to look down on me.


“You ran away without any important things?” Giles asked. Oh that? Hehe, how can I explain that? They definitely call me an idiot.


“About that ahm hehe I forgot…” I faked a smile and I saw the changes of their reaction- they were disappointed with my answer!


“Idiot!” in the chorus of these five. Arg! I know that would be the best word they could describe me.


I was in front of this big mirror where I could see my whole body. I am wearing the uniform of Calteron Academy, 1 month has passed and GH called the five jerks to enrol me in their campus so here I am looking at my whole body in a mirror to see if the uniform fits my sexy body.


Knock, knock, knock!


I opened the door as I heard someone knocking behind it. As I opened it, Byron showed up with his boring face. Okay, what’s with that face? Am I getting slow again?


“Can you hurry up? We are gonna be late.”




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