Chapter Ten


Maxine’s Point of View


Damn, I will try not to run into them at school and will try to avoid crossing paths with them as much as possible. I don’t want to become more involved with them and draw a lot of attention to myself. To avoid trouble, I’ll simply lock myself in the room whenever we’re in the mansion. Oh my goodness, it’s me! I’ll make accommodations for them!


When I got home and finished eating, I never left the room, as I had planned. I also ignored them or gave them a sidelong glance. So here I am in my room, staring out the window while watching the twinkling stars in the sky and the moon giving light in the darkness. I gasped when I felt like I missed my adopted parents. Even though they didn’t really pay much attention to me back then, I still miss the life that they have with me. Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t get out of there when I found out the truth? I slapped myself before closing the window and lying down on my bed. When I closed my eyes I quickly fell asleep. The next morning I just woke up to a loud bang on the door of my room.


“Missy! Are you still asleep?! It’s already time for school! Wake up!” Sid shouted as he knocked on my bedroom door.


My brows furrowed before I got up. Gosh, how annoying! I didn’t set the alarm last night so Sid became my alarm today. I opened the door and immediately passed Sid. I left him there with a shocked face when I ignored him.


“Hey! Why aren’t you paying attention to me, Missy?” Sid growled as he followed behind me. “I woke you up, if I didn’t wake you you wouldn’t be able to go to school so you should thank me.” he added.

I just rolled my eyes in the air because of his naughtiness while I still didn’t pay attention to him.


When we got to the kitchen, four monkeys who hadn’t started eating spring up to us, maybe they waited for Sid and me before starting.


“Why did you take so long?” Giles complained as he and Sid looked at each other.


“It’s Missy, eh!” Sid pointed at me at the same time. “She took time to wake up then she still hasn’t thanked me.” he pouted.


“Probably, who would be thankful just because you disturbed their sleep?” said Louis.


“Is it like that?” Sid asked in wonder before sitting down in his chair.


I sat down while still not talking to them. When we finished eating I immediately went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. When it was over I went downstairs. When I couldn’t see the five monkeys I quickly left the mansion and went straight to the parking lot to leave. I was just sent by the driver so that I could not keep up with the five monkeys entering the school.


While walking I was startled when an arm suddenly curled around my shoulder. When I looked back at it I immediately smiled. It was Angela! She was absent last time so I felt left out of our classroom last time. But since she’s here now, I won’t feel left out.


“How are you?” I asked. “You were absent yesterday, I kept thinking about what happened to you. Are you okay?”


She laughed out loud and withdrew her arm wrapped around my shoulder.


“I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about me.” She answered. “I just had a small problem, that’s all but I’m fine now so don’t worry about me anymore.” she added and smiled. “So, how’s school without me?” she giggled after she asked.


“I felt lonely, of course.” I answered honestly.


I really felt lonely because she’s the only friend I had here. I felt left out in the room when she wasn’t there. Angela was like my pill because I feel better when I’m with her. I also escaped reality and forgot that I am living with the five famous jerks who are famous here, when I am with her. I thank God for having Angela here right now.


The time moved quickly and it was time for us to eat. I immediately left the class room with Angela and went down to go to the cafeteria to eat. And because I am unlucky everyday, my eye caught the five monkeys standing not far away, they seemed like they were talking about something. And before Angela could see the five idiots because she was also one of the fans of those five, I immediately pulled her out of the cafeteria.


“Hey! What’s the matter?” she withdrew her hand from my grip. “You just suddenly pulled me away, have you seen an enemy?”

I took a deep breath before answering. “Yeah, there are five of them. We can’t handle five, can we?”


She heaved a sigh, “What? I just disappeared for a day and then you straight away had an enemy?”


I nodded, “You can say that.”


I can’t tell her about those five idiots or else she would force me to introduce her to those five. I don’t want that to happen and maybe later she will be the one to be tortured by those five kings. Sigh, nor can I say that what I am referring to as my enemy is the five men that everyone admires.


“So, where are we going to eat now?” she asked and I just shrugged. I don’t know either. “Okay, I will buy us food and you go to the garden first, there we will eat.” She recommended it.


I nodded and turned away to go to the garden as she said. Sigh, sorry Angela for getting you involved with my trouble. I will make it up to you, I promise!


I soon arrived at the garden, I sat in the chair with a table in front of it, which I saw under the tree and there I waited for Angela while I just watched the flowers and various plants that were here in the garden. I didn’t have to wait long for Angela, she came carrying our food, maybe the line was not that long. We started eating and we just talked while eating. After we finished eating, we decided to go back to our classroom.


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